Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Discovery" compilation tape

[Various artists]
LAZ004 - CS ($4)
Download Free!

How do you describe the indescribable? Through song, of course. A few months ago, sixteen artists took on the challenge of composing a piece of music that captures of the experience of experience and the feeling of feeling. The finished product plays much more like a mixtape or collaboration than a mere compilation, with each song seamlessly picking up where the previous one left off. Cassette culture is back, baby. With over 70 minutes of material, this floating, flowing epic is not to be missed. Mastered and compiled by Rob Duffy of Kleptocephalus with awesome artwork by Jay Harmon of Boy Fruit. Edition of 100, dubbed onto translucent neony yellowish-green cassettes.

List of artists featured:
Bengar Use Hypnosis!
Bob Dignan Anthony
Boy Fruit
First Dog To Visit The Center Of The Earth
The Great Red Shark
Healthy Animal
The Letter Box Project
Living (member of Inverness)
Maxwell Hell
Mystery Cave
Splinter Villa
Tamma's Music Box
Young Man

OUT OF PRINT - Email lazyroar@gmail.com if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pour Le Merite - The Dead Baron

The Dead Baron
Pour le Mérite
LAZ003 - CD ($6)

"The Baron is not all that he appears. On the surface, his lo-fi drum and bass thrashings appear as senseless sonic soldiers reaking their merciless, discordant onslaught. Digging deeper, however, you start to see the class through the chaos. Take the title of the album, for example. If you've been reading up on your Prussian military history, you know that Pour le Mérite, which translates literally to "for the merit", was the highest honor an officer could receive circa World War I. A similarly titled order was also given for contributions on science and art. Notable recipients of this civil-class award included Charles Darwin, Johannes Brahms, and Albert Einstein. What does this all have to do with badass noise rock? Absolutely nothing, and that's why it's awesome. Professionally pressed and imprinted compact disc goodness with authentically scorched cover insert. A limited number of CDs also contain a foam glider."

OUT OF PRINT - Email lazyroar@gmail.com if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

[Free Download] The Friends EP - Spreaders


many things i want to say to you but cant. when it was all over and we
left, we didn't think to come back. Its ok though because we all heard
that your vacation was great. You needed it. It really doesn't mean all
that much. but i think im dizzy. My stomach hurts, I think i want to go
to my room, the point is to stop eating so much. "

Monday, November 2, 2009

[Self-titled CD-R] - Asian Woman On The Telephone

Asian Woman On The Telephone
[Self-titled CD-R]
[self-released] - CD-R ($6, shipping included)

Earlier today, a box arrived on my doorstep. The corners were slightly battered, clearly from having been shipped from far away. The surface of the box was cool to the touch and stood in stark contrast to the sweltering heat outside. I tugged the package indoors and ripped open the top. A blast of frozen Russian wind blew my hair backwards as I stared at the quite sizable ice block within. Upon retrieving some tongs from the kitchen, I extracted the ice block and set it on the porch to thaw. An hour later I returned to find a stack of snazzy new noise rock CDs, now restored from their cryogenically frozen state.

Asian Woman On The Telephone's newest release is one of the most creatively packaged CDs I've ever seen. The silk-screened CD-Rs are contained in flat, triangular packages like this and fold out into pyramids that sit on your desk like this. There are four different versions, each with a different track listing. 100 copies exist in the world, but Lazy Roar only has 25 for distribution this side of the Pacific, so snatch it up before it's too late!

OUT OF PRINT - Email lazyroar@gmail.com if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Plans, The Kind That Go Awry

Hey fellas,

Had a bit of a craziness in terms of LR stuff today, but the short story is that there will be a bit more of a gap before the next release. I was planning on opening up orders for The Dead Baron album this week, but circumstances have changed. Preorders for The Dead Baron's first full-length LP, Pour le Merite, will not be up until sometime next week.

HOWEVER: This week, Obeast Tapes will be releasing DB's second EP, Rawhide Majestyk, to satiate your appetite for noise. The EP will be part of an awesome bundle combo with the Sea Lions/Handglops split, which you can be sure that any self-respecting cassette enthusiast will be picking up.

TDB and I are hoping to put together a CD release show of sorts here in LA sometime in November that will coincide with the delivery of the preorders. In the meantime, I'm working hard to make sure that the Discovery tape is done as soon as physically possible. Apologies for all the madness.

Now, some other stuff:

-Shhhh... Don't tell anybody, but Lazy Roar artists Healthy Animal, Spreaders, Kleptocephalus, and The Dead Baron are going to be invading this compilation tape experiment on Free Thinkers Union Records. Each artist gets one minute's worth of tape to make their mark, so that's a guaranteed four minutes of all-new LR material. We'll let you know of developments as they happen.

-Later this year, Lazy Roar is upping the punx with the distribution of releases from bands like Batalj, Jailhouse Fuck, and Love Pork. All these bands are totally rad, so get excited!

-Fanzines are awesome. Electric Annihilation is awesome. Niche Homo is awesome. The Raccoon Chronicles: awesome. If anyone knows of any other 'zines I should check out, let me know. If anyone wants their 'zine distributed through LR, let me know. DIY at its finest, people.

That's all for now,


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Down Under Rays, Down There You Can't Be Saved

No time for a full post right now, but I just found out the worst news ever.

Local legends Mika Miko are breaking up.

At such a seemingly odd time, too: After almost six years of being together and after having only released their second full-length LP a few months ago.

At the same time though, it seems reasonable. The girls have grown up a lot since they started the band and are ready to to now start their lives. The news is unfortunate, but I think that Mika Miko will always be remembered as the band that sparked and spearheaded, not just the efforts of The Smell, but a new creativity and energy to the Los Angeles punk and DIY scene. They will be missed.

See you all in 30 years at the reunion show,


Monday, October 5, 2009

All My Best Friends Are Droneheads

We've finished our first release! Triumph!

Thanks to all who have supported this label by buying the Healthy Animal tape. As is apparent from when you hold it in your hand, I worked very hard on the packaging for this tape and Healthy Animal worked equally as hard on the sounds on it. It is truly a special release and I am glad to have made it my first.

Some stuff:

-Eagle Rock Music Festival was positively awesome. I met so many great people and saw some awesome performances. It was a truly stellar night. Speaking of people I met...

-I ended up meeting and trading tapes with Doug and Justin from Psychedelicate Records who, as I found out, are very local to my area. Go browse their releases if you like lo-fi, psychedelic, black metal, or all of the above.

-Speaking of cool labels, Lazy Roar is enjoying the best Canada has to offer from the excellent label Scotch Tapes. Feel free to grab your maple syrup and hockey stick, but just be sure to grab some sick tapes while you're at it.

-Is anyone else addicted to No Age's Losing Feeling EP? I finally got by physical copy in the mail today and got-damn is it gorgeous. Gorgeous packaging, artwork, music, and price to boot. Go No Age and Sub Pop.

-I've got two releases planned for October. The first is The Dead Baron's Pour le Merite, the packaging of which is coming along well and looking quite classy. The second will be a compilation tape from the talented folks over at CA. I've passed the compiled tracks around to a few people and have received overwhelmingly good feedback, so I think I've stumbled upon something very special with this one. Also in October I expect to be distributing a CD from Asian Woman On The Telephone, the wait for which will be well worth it, I assure you. In November, Lazy Roar takes its first forays into vinyl with a Dead Baron/Spreaders 10" and the Al Qaeda/AC Way 7".

Let's get something straight, here. I started Lazy Roar to release noise and punk rock music. So far I've been doing fantastic on getting the noise out there, but have had hardly and punk rock on my queue. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I want to make it a point to find one more punk release to plan for December/January besides the Kleptocephalus EP. If you or someone you know someone interested, hit me up with the demos.

That's all for now, see you sometime within the next few weeks with the Dead Baron CD in hand.


Monday, September 21, 2009

[s/t cassette] - Healthy Animal

Healthy Animal
LAZ001 - CS ($4)
Download Free!

"People seem to have a 'thing' for round records. CDs are alive and kickin' while vinyl has been rudely awakened from it's slumber. Somewhere in between life and death lives the four-cornered orphan of the music industry: the cassette tape. Bring this wide-eyed child into your home and he'll share his best-kept secret with you: A Floridian minor calling himself Healthy Animal has been cranking out some seriously quality psych-noise jams in his bedroom for quite some time now. Luckily for you, in return for giving a rejected audio format a home, this lonesome bard will sing and wail of these sonic journeys. Recorded with little more than a fuzzbox and microphones salvaged from Rock Band and Hey You, Pikachu!, this here is a prime example of quality experimentation and musicianship thriving through technical constraints. Pro-dubbed and spray stenciled c30 cassette tape with killer collage coverart by the artist. Includes random plastic zoo animal, restrained for your protection and the safety of others. Edition of 100.

OUT OF PRINT - Email lazyroar@gmail.com if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Anyone who is even remotely involved with music should read this." and other games

Anyone who is even remotely involved in the creation of music needs to read this article written by noise rock legend, Steve Albini. It's called "The Problem With Music" and it's filled with insight into what goes on the major label music industry. Some of the situations he described hit very close to home in that I've seen these sorts of things happen to people I've known. It really is a testament to how daily an occurrence this sort of bullshit is. Please take the time to read this and you will not regret it.

I also must recommend a lecture that Mr. Albini did at
Middle Tennessee State University. The main purpose of the lecture is for him to discuss his views on analog versus digital recording(which has nothing to do with the argument of supposed vinyl superiority, audiophiles) but he also discusses the industry and his philosophies of studio work from both an artist perspective and engineer perspective. Really fascinating stuff.

Now, for some news bits:

- I have the masters for the Healthy Animal tape in my possession, and they kick raw ass. The next post on this blog will be for this release. Expect it in about two weeks.

- Spreaders has regained a long-lost member of the band and are playing five shows in the next few months. If you're a New Yorker, I implore upon you that you check one out.

- I've been turning down a lot of projects lately just because of the sheer amount of work I have accumulated already, but I couldn't let this one opportunity pass me by. I'm going to be releasing a split 7" in a few months with the bands al Qaeda and A.C. Way and I couldn't be more pleased. Both are touring, San Franciso-based acts, so check their show schedule and make it out to see them.

- Speaking of al Qaeda, who had the privilege of practicing their living room, the dear people of the Hickey Underworld have been evicted. For those who don't know, HU was the name of the punk house in Long Beach that frequently put on shows in their living room. They had a solid two year run but, tragically, the powers that be finally had their way and put an end to the fun. Even more fucked up than that was that their eviction notice only gave them one week to move out. Truly an injustice to not just the music scene here in southern California but to the good people who lived there. R.I.P. fun.

- The Obeast compilation tape is ill as fuck. It's only $4 and that price includes shipping. The J-card folds out into a gorgeous print poster. It's also got tracks from The Dead Baron and Al Qaeda. You really can't go wrong here. Also be sure to keep up with what our friends over at Woven Tones are doing. Those first two releases are guaranteed to be classics.

- Lazy Roar has been given the honor of distributing Russia's Asian Women On The Telephone's newest album in the states. So bomb.

- I've got a new Klepto song up on the 'space, but you should probably just nab it on Tindeck. This will be the intro track to the eventual LR release.

- Lastly, you should friend Lazy Roar on everything ever. I've got the link to the Myspace already on the right of this page and the Facebook link will work when I have the page ready. Also, I've commissioned my good friend and artist Elise Inferrera to prepare a proper logo for the label which I hope to debut with the Healthy Animal tape. Here's her DeviantArt since I don't know what else to link to.

See you when the tape is done. Don't go selling out in the meantime, kids.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Forecast (Facist Future)

Just some miscellaneous information of what you can expect soon here in the future.

The first release will be a self-titled tape by Healthy Animal, who is a good buddy and former bandmate of mine. He's informed me that the tape is approaching completion and, from what I've heard so far, it's progressing quite nicely. This thing is going to be an attention grabber both on your shelf and in your tape deck, so set a few bucks aside for it now, because this is something you're really going to want.

"LAZ002" is supposed to be something of mine released under my musical pseudonym, Kleptocephalus, but the recording process has been slow-going. Which is why, sooner than that will come out, you'll be seeing something from The Dead Baron. Don't let his Myspace deceive you, musical eclecticism is his strongest suit. I've heard the Baron produce not only drum and bass noise rock but also superb sampled melodies, hip-hop beats, and jazz guitar solos. Rest assured, you'll find a lot of unexpected sounds on this record. In fact, I've got two of his albums that he's given me permission to release, so get ready for a lot of DB here in the future.

There's a themed compilation tape in the works that I'm hoping will come to fruition made up of tracks by individual members of a certain internet community. The place is filled with talented musicians and I'm quite excited to be putting this release together. If you want a taste of what they can do, check out this release put for preorder on the awesome new label Woven Tones. I've heard the whole thing and I can assure you that the sample on the website really does it no justice. I highly recommend picking it up.

Much more to come that I'm itching to talk about, but I'll leave it here for now. Keep in touch.


[Update] Spreaders, self-proclaimed "black metal surf" band, has just been added to the Lazy Roar family. Get excited.

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Write a song without a hook, remember why you wrote songs in the first place. Let's start a band, we've got nothing else to do."

I can't exactly remember when it was that it hit me. Was it at that one house show? Was it when I went to that matinee at The Smell? Was it when I saw Bomb the Music Industry! in the Rotary Club building? I'm not sure when it was, exactly, but somewhere along the line I was in a crowded room with very poor ventilation, standing enthralled with the ruckus in the surrounding area, when it hit me.

This is where music happens.

Music doesn't happen in a stadium filled with a hundred thousand people. Music doesn't happen in a multi-billion dollar recording studio.

Music happens right the fuck here.

Music happens when a band plays for a handful of people in the old police station auditorium. Music happens when some kid is sitting alone in his bedroom recording himself playing the guitar.

And that's not at all to say that big shows and hi-fi sound are illegitimate. To a great number of people, that is what music is. Something to appreciate from afar, from the back row of a stadium or the speaker side of the stereo.

But what I enjoy about music the most is being a part of it. I am a musician who listens to musicians and I am a showgoer who puts on shows. And now, I suppose I'm a record label manager who loves records.

Think of Lazy Roar as Fat Wreck Chords in a Not Not Fun shell. Any profits earned will always go right back to running the label, putting out new releases, and putting on more shows. All releases will be hand-crafted, individually numbered, and creatively packaged. All shows will be all-ages, alcohol-free, and charge the smallest admittance fee possible. The word "promote" is used in the mission statement on the right side of this page for a reason. Lazy Roar Records exists to do everything it can to advance noisey music and DIY ethic and, goddammit, we're gonna do it.

Rad shit will be goin' down. Stay tuned.