Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Plans, The Kind That Go Awry

Hey fellas,

Had a bit of a craziness in terms of LR stuff today, but the short story is that there will be a bit more of a gap before the next release. I was planning on opening up orders for The Dead Baron album this week, but circumstances have changed. Preorders for The Dead Baron's first full-length LP, Pour le Merite, will not be up until sometime next week.

HOWEVER: This week, Obeast Tapes will be releasing DB's second EP, Rawhide Majestyk, to satiate your appetite for noise. The EP will be part of an awesome bundle combo with the Sea Lions/Handglops split, which you can be sure that any self-respecting cassette enthusiast will be picking up.

TDB and I are hoping to put together a CD release show of sorts here in LA sometime in November that will coincide with the delivery of the preorders. In the meantime, I'm working hard to make sure that the Discovery tape is done as soon as physically possible. Apologies for all the madness.

Now, some other stuff:

-Shhhh... Don't tell anybody, but Lazy Roar artists Healthy Animal, Spreaders, Kleptocephalus, and The Dead Baron are going to be invading this compilation tape experiment on Free Thinkers Union Records. Each artist gets one minute's worth of tape to make their mark, so that's a guaranteed four minutes of all-new LR material. We'll let you know of developments as they happen.

-Later this year, Lazy Roar is upping the punx with the distribution of releases from bands like Batalj, Jailhouse Fuck, and Love Pork. All these bands are totally rad, so get excited!

-Fanzines are awesome. Electric Annihilation is awesome. Niche Homo is awesome. The Raccoon Chronicles: awesome. If anyone knows of any other 'zines I should check out, let me know. If anyone wants their 'zine distributed through LR, let me know. DIY at its finest, people.

That's all for now,