Monday, September 21, 2009

[s/t cassette] - Healthy Animal

Healthy Animal
LAZ001 - CS ($4)
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"People seem to have a 'thing' for round records. CDs are alive and kickin' while vinyl has been rudely awakened from it's slumber. Somewhere in between life and death lives the four-cornered orphan of the music industry: the cassette tape. Bring this wide-eyed child into your home and he'll share his best-kept secret with you: A Floridian minor calling himself Healthy Animal has been cranking out some seriously quality psych-noise jams in his bedroom for quite some time now. Luckily for you, in return for giving a rejected audio format a home, this lonesome bard will sing and wail of these sonic journeys. Recorded with little more than a fuzzbox and microphones salvaged from Rock Band and Hey You, Pikachu!, this here is a prime example of quality experimentation and musicianship thriving through technical constraints. Pro-dubbed and spray stenciled c30 cassette tape with killer collage coverart by the artist. Includes random plastic zoo animal, restrained for your protection and the safety of others. Edition of 100.

OUT OF PRINT - Email if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!