Monday, November 2, 2009

[Self-titled CD-R] - Asian Woman On The Telephone

Asian Woman On The Telephone
[Self-titled CD-R]
[self-released] - CD-R ($6, shipping included)

Earlier today, a box arrived on my doorstep. The corners were slightly battered, clearly from having been shipped from far away. The surface of the box was cool to the touch and stood in stark contrast to the sweltering heat outside. I tugged the package indoors and ripped open the top. A blast of frozen Russian wind blew my hair backwards as I stared at the quite sizable ice block within. Upon retrieving some tongs from the kitchen, I extracted the ice block and set it on the porch to thaw. An hour later I returned to find a stack of snazzy new noise rock CDs, now restored from their cryogenically frozen state.

Asian Woman On The Telephone's newest release is one of the most creatively packaged CDs I've ever seen. The silk-screened CD-Rs are contained in flat, triangular packages like this and fold out into pyramids that sit on your desk like this. There are four different versions, each with a different track listing. 100 copies exist in the world, but Lazy Roar only has 25 for distribution this side of the Pacific, so snatch it up before it's too late!

OUT OF PRINT - Email if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!