Sunday, January 27, 2013

The new Lazy Roar Records

Lazy Roar will soon be repurposed as a personal webpage and umbrella for work I produce creatively and professionally. Visit the new and check it out!

Lazy Roar (the record label) was a fun ride and a great learning experience, but I don't think it will be returning in its original form any time soon. Thanks to all who supported and inspired me over those formative two years of my life and I hope you will continue to support me throughout the future of my musical endeavors.

As always, stay stoked!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

As if it wasn't obvious enough...

We've been taking a little bit of a break! Demos always welcome, though! Send 'em over to

Also, you can keep tabs on the music I've been making over here.

Stay stoked,

PS, I am currently marking all releases and distro items as OUT OF PRINT during this hiatus. If you are interested in anything, send me an email and let me know. If I still have a copy, I'll mail it to you for just a dollar, to cover the cost of shipping. What a steal!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[split cassette] - Swim Ignorant Fire/Count Brent & the Maestros

Swim Ignorant Fire/Count Brent & the Maestros
[split cassette]
LAZ009 - CS ($4)

Holy hiatus, Batman! This is Lazy Roar's first release in nearly ten months! Though, I think you will agree that it was worth the wait after you hear this haunting split release from two Chicago natives: Ambient guitar-loop guru Swim Ignorant Fire and freak orchestra Count Brent & the Maestros. Inspired by the events following the BP oil spill in the gulf coast, Swim Ignorant Fire presents us with a beautiful high-concept piece on side A, while Count Brent & the Maestros feed us our daily dose of Meat Loaf-infused noisy goodness on side B. Love-dubbed C-62s sprayed with silver paint with a double-sided high-quality printed j-card. Cover photos by Count Brent with text by Stephen Holliger.

OUT OF PRINT - Email if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!