Monday, September 21, 2009

[s/t cassette] - Healthy Animal

Healthy Animal
LAZ001 - CS ($4)
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"People seem to have a 'thing' for round records. CDs are alive and kickin' while vinyl has been rudely awakened from it's slumber. Somewhere in between life and death lives the four-cornered orphan of the music industry: the cassette tape. Bring this wide-eyed child into your home and he'll share his best-kept secret with you: A Floridian minor calling himself Healthy Animal has been cranking out some seriously quality psych-noise jams in his bedroom for quite some time now. Luckily for you, in return for giving a rejected audio format a home, this lonesome bard will sing and wail of these sonic journeys. Recorded with little more than a fuzzbox and microphones salvaged from Rock Band and Hey You, Pikachu!, this here is a prime example of quality experimentation and musicianship thriving through technical constraints. Pro-dubbed and spray stenciled c30 cassette tape with killer collage coverart by the artist. Includes random plastic zoo animal, restrained for your protection and the safety of others. Edition of 100.

OUT OF PRINT - Email if you're interested, I might still have a copy laying around!

Monday, September 7, 2009

"Anyone who is even remotely involved with music should read this." and other games

Anyone who is even remotely involved in the creation of music needs to read this article written by noise rock legend, Steve Albini. It's called "The Problem With Music" and it's filled with insight into what goes on the major label music industry. Some of the situations he described hit very close to home in that I've seen these sorts of things happen to people I've known. It really is a testament to how daily an occurrence this sort of bullshit is. Please take the time to read this and you will not regret it.

I also must recommend a lecture that Mr. Albini did at
Middle Tennessee State University. The main purpose of the lecture is for him to discuss his views on analog versus digital recording(which has nothing to do with the argument of supposed vinyl superiority, audiophiles) but he also discusses the industry and his philosophies of studio work from both an artist perspective and engineer perspective. Really fascinating stuff.

Now, for some news bits:

- I have the masters for the Healthy Animal tape in my possession, and they kick raw ass. The next post on this blog will be for this release. Expect it in about two weeks.

- Spreaders has regained a long-lost member of the band and are playing five shows in the next few months. If you're a New Yorker, I implore upon you that you check one out.

- I've been turning down a lot of projects lately just because of the sheer amount of work I have accumulated already, but I couldn't let this one opportunity pass me by. I'm going to be releasing a split 7" in a few months with the bands al Qaeda and A.C. Way and I couldn't be more pleased. Both are touring, San Franciso-based acts, so check their show schedule and make it out to see them.

- Speaking of al Qaeda, who had the privilege of practicing their living room, the dear people of the Hickey Underworld have been evicted. For those who don't know, HU was the name of the punk house in Long Beach that frequently put on shows in their living room. They had a solid two year run but, tragically, the powers that be finally had their way and put an end to the fun. Even more fucked up than that was that their eviction notice only gave them one week to move out. Truly an injustice to not just the music scene here in southern California but to the good people who lived there. R.I.P. fun.

- The Obeast compilation tape is ill as fuck. It's only $4 and that price includes shipping. The J-card folds out into a gorgeous print poster. It's also got tracks from The Dead Baron and Al Qaeda. You really can't go wrong here. Also be sure to keep up with what our friends over at Woven Tones are doing. Those first two releases are guaranteed to be classics.

- Lazy Roar has been given the honor of distributing Russia's Asian Women On The Telephone's newest album in the states. So bomb.

- I've got a new Klepto song up on the 'space, but you should probably just nab it on Tindeck. This will be the intro track to the eventual LR release.

- Lastly, you should friend Lazy Roar on everything ever. I've got the link to the Myspace already on the right of this page and the Facebook link will work when I have the page ready. Also, I've commissioned my good friend and artist Elise Inferrera to prepare a proper logo for the label which I hope to debut with the Healthy Animal tape. Here's her DeviantArt since I don't know what else to link to.

See you when the tape is done. Don't go selling out in the meantime, kids.