Monday, October 5, 2009

All My Best Friends Are Droneheads

We've finished our first release! Triumph!

Thanks to all who have supported this label by buying the Healthy Animal tape. As is apparent from when you hold it in your hand, I worked very hard on the packaging for this tape and Healthy Animal worked equally as hard on the sounds on it. It is truly a special release and I am glad to have made it my first.

Some stuff:

-Eagle Rock Music Festival was positively awesome. I met so many great people and saw some awesome performances. It was a truly stellar night. Speaking of people I met...

-I ended up meeting and trading tapes with Doug and Justin from Psychedelicate Records who, as I found out, are very local to my area. Go browse their releases if you like lo-fi, psychedelic, black metal, or all of the above.

-Speaking of cool labels, Lazy Roar is enjoying the best Canada has to offer from the excellent label Scotch Tapes. Feel free to grab your maple syrup and hockey stick, but just be sure to grab some sick tapes while you're at it.

-Is anyone else addicted to No Age's Losing Feeling EP? I finally got by physical copy in the mail today and got-damn is it gorgeous. Gorgeous packaging, artwork, music, and price to boot. Go No Age and Sub Pop.

-I've got two releases planned for October. The first is The Dead Baron's Pour le Merite, the packaging of which is coming along well and looking quite classy. The second will be a compilation tape from the talented folks over at CA. I've passed the compiled tracks around to a few people and have received overwhelmingly good feedback, so I think I've stumbled upon something very special with this one. Also in October I expect to be distributing a CD from Asian Woman On The Telephone, the wait for which will be well worth it, I assure you. In November, Lazy Roar takes its first forays into vinyl with a Dead Baron/Spreaders 10" and the Al Qaeda/AC Way 7".

Let's get something straight, here. I started Lazy Roar to release noise and punk rock music. So far I've been doing fantastic on getting the noise out there, but have had hardly and punk rock on my queue. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I want to make it a point to find one more punk release to plan for December/January besides the Kleptocephalus EP. If you or someone you know someone interested, hit me up with the demos.

That's all for now, see you sometime within the next few weeks with the Dead Baron CD in hand.