Sunday, August 23, 2009

Forecast (Facist Future)

Just some miscellaneous information of what you can expect soon here in the future.

The first release will be a self-titled tape by Healthy Animal, who is a good buddy and former bandmate of mine. He's informed me that the tape is approaching completion and, from what I've heard so far, it's progressing quite nicely. This thing is going to be an attention grabber both on your shelf and in your tape deck, so set a few bucks aside for it now, because this is something you're really going to want.

"LAZ002" is supposed to be something of mine released under my musical pseudonym, Kleptocephalus, but the recording process has been slow-going. Which is why, sooner than that will come out, you'll be seeing something from The Dead Baron. Don't let his Myspace deceive you, musical eclecticism is his strongest suit. I've heard the Baron produce not only drum and bass noise rock but also superb sampled melodies, hip-hop beats, and jazz guitar solos. Rest assured, you'll find a lot of unexpected sounds on this record. In fact, I've got two of his albums that he's given me permission to release, so get ready for a lot of DB here in the future.

There's a themed compilation tape in the works that I'm hoping will come to fruition made up of tracks by individual members of a certain internet community. The place is filled with talented musicians and I'm quite excited to be putting this release together. If you want a taste of what they can do, check out this release put for preorder on the awesome new label Woven Tones. I've heard the whole thing and I can assure you that the sample on the website really does it no justice. I highly recommend picking it up.

Much more to come that I'm itching to talk about, but I'll leave it here for now. Keep in touch.


[Update] Spreaders, self-proclaimed "black metal surf" band, has just been added to the Lazy Roar family. Get excited.